Specially for ecom brand owners

Did you know that almost 70% abandon their shopping carts on average? Not contacting these customers is leaving money on the table.

Some of them are on the verge of purchasing and may have just stepped out to handle some other tasks.

All they needed was a quick email (with their cart items conveniently presented) and they would quickly complete their purchase.

This and other flows will be automated to capture up to 30% extra revenue and stop leaving money on the table.

Step 1

Collect website visitor emails with forms and pop ups

More subscribers, more revenue

Step 2

Set up automated email flows such as Welcome flow and Abandon Checkout to increase conversions and drive profit for your store

Step 3

Analyze email KPIs such as Open Rate and Click Rate and more to improve email engagement and ultimately drive more revenue

Step 4

Develop email campaigns to define audiences in your list and send them emails that engage and convert to purchases need those together with pop ups

When I first started, I thought email marketing was a kind of scam as my only influence was from the endless emails that came my way whenever I signed up for another newsletter.

Then I learnt about the good of email marketing and the scientific approach.

I implemented just one tip from my learnings and guess what...

I saw my best ever email revenue from just that single email and one tip.

Later I dove deep into email marketing proper, and implemented all the email strategies I could find

From zero email revenue, I took an existing ecom website to 30% email revenue, more than 10k sales.

And the best part is, I did all that without any ad spend.

To find out if I can do the same for your website, fill up the quick form and let's see if we'd make a good fit.

Christopher Ong

How do I know you can really get up to 30% more revenue by just email marketing?

Here is a screenshot of a recent month of email revenue, December 2022

What will I audit?

How effective are your email sign ups?

Are your email flows effective?

Are you sending irresistible offers to your customers to purchase?

Do your emails generate high open rates, clicks and conversion rates?

Who is this for?

You sell direct to consumers

You don't have time to set up your email strategy

You're making 30k or more on your ecom/F&B/retail website

You want more sales from your email subscribers

You want want to depend less on Facebook and Google ad spend