Welcome Email Sequence

Before we talk about what emails to send, it's important to mention how we capture the customer emails.

Email pop up conversion rates

2-4% seems to be the average collection rate for an ecom website in the industry.

With a pop up strategy in place, you can boost your email collection rates to 6-12%.

You'll want to incentivize your website visitors to key in their email addresses before they leave forever.

With their emails, you can continue to keep in touch with them and more importantly, show them your offers.

And you can do this with no additional ad spend, unlike FB retargeting.

Don't get me wrong, FB ads are great, but they would work really good with email marketing because you own your email list.

Typical pop up behaviour

-Show after 5-10 seconds of page load

-Show after scrolling X% of the page

-Show again after X number of days (lesser days if you want to be more aggressive, for unknowns only)

A Welcome email sequence

The Welcome series is one of the top 2 revenue producing email flows in the industry.

These emails get your subscribers accustomed to engaging with your brand.

Welcome Email 1

The first welcome email should have such content points as the welcome, brand introduction and the discount code.

Subject title ideas include:

Welcome (more info inside)


You're part of the [BRAND NAME] family now

Fantastic you're in!

Send the first welcome email immediately after someone subscribes to your list.

After optimising the email, you should be hitting 40-60% open rates on this first email.

Email marketing is no exception and all elements should be split tested. From subject lines to offers and CTAs, all these must be constantly split tested.

BONUS Insight

Since email 1 is your best performing email in this series, it makes sense to resend this email to all recipients who have NOT opened it.

You can follow with email 2 onwards after that.

Welcome Email 2

First, set a filter to exclude any customer who has made a purchase since receiving the Welcome Email 1.

With that out of the way, we can now talk about Email 2 strategy.

Email 2 content strategy could be about Brand Story and benefits of shopping with your company.

Some subject lines you could be using are:

-Learn more about us

-Here's our story

You should send Email 2 about 1-2 days after email 1.

Even in email 2, you can be hitting 20-40% open rates or more.

I did mention that email 2 was about Brand Story, but I still recommend you add in a PS at the end of the email that lists one of your latest promotions.

You'll be pleasantly surprised how the brand story moves your customers to make a purchase.

Especially when it involves an irresistible offer.

Welcome Email 3

Again, before you send Email 3, get the system to automatically filter out customers who have already made a purchase.

In this email, remind them about the discount code that they haven't used yet.

But this time, add in some new content such as:

-Social Proof (customer reviews)

-Your store's best sellers


The FAQ could be about delivery policies which are common customer objections that they want to know about.

They would love to know how to qualify for free delivery or other perks, if applicable.

Add some urgency to the customer with an expiry date to the discount code.

You should send this email 1-2 days after email 2 as well.


I hope you enjoyed this short guide and learned a few things that you could apply to your email strategy today.

The Welcome email sequence is one of the top revenue producing flows in the industry so I hope it becomes true for your business as well.



Christopher Ong